"So good it's SCARY. This company has given me countless evenings of pleasure in the theater. I can't wait for The Clearing. I'll be there opening night!"

- R.L. Stine, author of Goosebumps

"Absolutely extraordinary. Exceptional casting, and I'm proud of this company stretching their legs in New York."


"Bravo to Theater 808! They are simply the best team of theater artists I have had the privilege to work with! They exude commitment, brilliance and sheer joy for the art that is theatre."

- Elaine Del Valle, writer/performer of Brownsville Bred

"You won’t see a funnier show this season."

- Terry Teachout, The Wall Street Journal, on our production of Biography

"...vividly staged and vigorously acted by an overall impressive company."

- William Wolf, Wolf Entertainment Guide, on Theater 808's revival of The Crucible

"As audience members and artists alike, my husband and I have enjoyed and appreciated the fine work that Theater 808 has contributed to the New York Theater scene."

- Tracy Shayne (Broadway’s Chicago) and Peter Scolari (HBO’s Girls)